Role: Graphic Design and Copywriting Consultant
The first step was to select a brand color palette. 
The new brand had to stand out from the plethora of other childcare options which often have eccentric, bright color schemes and instead convey a refined atmosphere suited for growth.
My approach was to create a color identity reminiscent of a serene garden.  A place of happiness, warmth, and thriving. The natural green hues connect to the "poi (pea)" element of the brand name.
New Slogan: "Redefining Peabrain" 
New Taglines:  "Glow and Grow" ; "Want your child to be brightest in the pod?"
Copy tone: Sophisticated, Inclusive, Aspirational
Fonts: Albertan Pro Inline (Titles), Abril Titling (Body), Professor (Accents)
Suggested Domain Name:
Graphic Style: Hand-drawn elements to reflect the child focus central to Petite Pois' Mission.
The new logo:  
The brief requested that the new branding appeal to a new generation of young parents by stripping away old-fashioned stuffiness while maintaining Petite Pois' reputation for curating academic excellence.
The structured serif font juxtaposes the child-like hand-drawn pea, suggesting approachable sophistication. 
The pea's wide smile and spiraling curl indicate the youthful joy the daycare prioritizes while the lightbulb "sheds light" on the educational opportunities Petite Pois provides.
To attract new clients, Petite Pois wanted a promotional poster that they could post on library bulletin boards and offer to their current clients for referrals.
Since "Petite Pois" translates directly to "little pea" in English, I thought "Redefining Pea-brain" would be a attention-grabbing play on words that would draw attention to the daycare's commitment to high-quality education. 
Because the exact services offered by Petite Pois were not the emphasis of this graphic, I made them into a organic visual element. The vine directs the visual flow from the headline to the logo, literally and figuratively connecting Petite Pois with their mission.

We extended the rebrand to social with advertisements that encouraged enrollment. Visual flow ends on the graphic's "Register Now"message. The call to action is compelling but refined.
If you know anything about the Instagram algorithm, you are well aware that any post with more than 33% of the screen covered with text automatically get lowered priority in your followers' feeds. This can be a challenge for ad-makers, but it does not have to be. I remember Instagram is all about telling a visual story... not a written one.  This is what I aimed to do in this Petite Poi ad.
This billboard was one of favorite elements of the campaign. The graphic elements are still minimalistic and elegant, but added touch of humor (Chicken Nugget QC Manager) makes it have broader appeal.
Informational Booklet: I designed the covers + 2-3 page graphic, and provided a suggested page layout

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