Role: PR Research Specialist
Problem: Monarch wanted more college students to come drink their high-quality caffeine and needed help identifying the current barriers to their success.
Solution: I scoured secondary research to develop an initial market trends report. Then, I conducted focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews with University of Alabama students and Tuscaloosa residents. 
I analyzed this data to identify Monarch's shortcomings which I condensed into "Four Key Stigmas".  I drafted a communication and advertising implementation plan that explained the research, identified the problems, and offered strategic solutions. 
Using the written report as my guide, I developed a (very pretty) slide deck and pitched the proposal.
Due to confidentiality agreements, I unfortunately cannot go into much detail about the contents of the report or its implementation. 
What I can tell you is that I was only sent back one edit.
Access to focus group/ survey / interview data is prohibited by confidentiality agreements.
Access to written communication plan and slide deck is available is password protected and only available upon emailed request and subsequent approval.

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