Hey there! I am so glad you stopped by! Let me introduce myself. 
I am an up-and-coming Public Relations (BA) and Nutrition (BS, RDN) professional with a passion for creative communication, an aptitude for strategic planning, and a personal love for public service. 
What does that really mean? I am an energetic, type-A health nut who loves using my analytical communication skills to help others succeed. (READ: I may or may not be the secret child of Chris Traeger and Jen Barkley. If you do not get the reference, drop everything and go watch Parks and Recreation. It only takes 63 hours to finish the series. I will still be here when you finish.).
My friends often tease me for being “extra”. An achievement-driven planner, social butterfly, community leader, and fierce competitor, I challenge myself to excel in every situation I face.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”.

I believe what is "worthwhile" is often a matter of perspective.

As a society, we are obsessed with overcoming obstacles. In school, SWOT diagrams teach us to prioritize current threats and weaknesses facing a business. Our classes focus on handling disaster. However, I find these techniques limited. They view strategy through a reactive rather than creative lens. While smoldering crisis are daunting, their urgency often inspires our most dedicated work.

The true barrier to success is the ambivalence with which we regard the ordinary. No event is truly unremarkable, but it takes an innovative mind to see that.

Lucky for you, I have plenty of experience challenging the commonplace. Growing up in Schaumburg, Illinois, it was my existence. As a child, I often wished for a dramatic life event that would cause me to, in the words of Miranda’s Hamilton, “rise up”. I quickly realized that while I may never be granted a genie in a bottle, instant riches, or an extreme obstacle to overcome, what I did have were ample opportunities I overlooked as ordinary; thus, I began to intentionally engage my surroundings. 
This practice inundated me with fresh perspectives and a creative outlook on communication. I learned to derive wisdom from an old book, see value in conversing with a tired housewife, and seek the exceptional in a cup of black coffee.

Analyzing your corporation, what do you come in contact with more? The seemingly mundane daily grind or chaotic catastrophes? (I hope for both of our sakes the answer is the former). 
What if you spent less time worrying about potential future problems and focused on the possibilities of the present? 
The true roadblock to many organizations’ success is the everyday potential they fail to see. With a creative mind and passionate spirit, I can add my “extra” to your “ordinary”.

When I am not busy implementing creative PR solutions, I like to run half marathons, create extravagant Instagram story content, volunteer with kids, and be the uninvited guest judge on Project Runway.

I would love to tell you more about what I do over email or even better, coffee (my great weakness).  
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