Role: PR and E-Marketing Intern
My first client was Airtight Solutions, a air duct installation and dust removal company. 
Airtight's Problem: Dust removal ducts are necessary but not exactly glamorous. Previous leadership's exclusive focus on certain industries left Airtight with a limited client base. How does the company attract new leads and convince them to invest in air safety products?
My Solution: I wrote a digital marketing strategy plan that aimed to refresh Airtight’s client base by attracting a diverse audience of potential buyers to their website, educating them on the complexities of air dust removal systems, and converting them into customers.  
I developed 5 key buyer personas, created a contextualized BDMP for each persona, conducted environmental and competitor analyses, and developed a G.O.S.T. framework that outlined strategy for improving website conversion and engagement rates. Oh, and I also wrote website copy.
My second client was Anna Carin Design, an interior design studio.
Anna Carin Design's Problem: The COVID-19 pandemic means people are spending more time in their homes than ever before. Anna Carin knew that meant the general public would be ready to transform their space but would be unwilling to break the bank. To meet this need, she developed an affordable online design workshop. She wanted me to help her plan awareness-building initiatives, write advertisement and website copy, track Instagram analytics, and build social media hype that would generate subscribers.
My Solution: During the summer of 2020, online "master-classes" were becoming the norm. I knew that in order to stand out, Anna Carin would have to take a unique angle that captured attention and capitalized on her audience's base desires.
After performing market research, I developed the two tag lines for Anna-Corin's advertising campaign:
"There is always time to make love….. To your home" and "From Hoarders to House & Gardens."  
I also designed two Instagram ads, one Facebook ad, and wrote copy for one Pinterest ad. These ads were successfully implemented and resulted in a 108% increase in click-through rates and surpassed target service subscriptions in two days (there were so many people attempting to purchase the class that Anna Carin had to make a wait list). 
During my time at AC Design, I also held informational sessions on Facebook Pixels and Instagram ad purchasing.
I could describe my contributions to Liquid Vision, but before I left, the CEO (who I reported to directly) insisted on writing me a recommendation letter. I cherish it. It should provide you with insight to my reputation at the agency.

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