You know that super fun icebreaker where people go around the room and say a fun fact?
This is like that, but in this case, I am actually prepared.

1. I used to be owned by a FitBit. Now, I just own a FitBit.
2. I love hot, black coffee. I may be a caffeine junkie, but you'll never hear me say that because admission is the first step of recovery... and I never plan on getting clean. 
3. The first coffee shop I worked for named a drink after me. You had to sign a waiver to purchase it.
4. I have freckles in the shape of the Big Dipper on my right arm. I am no astrology expert, but I am pretty sure that means I am destined to be up there with the stars-- or maybe I just need to wear more sunscreen.
5. Forget Wall Street, I firmly believe that buying a 20 pack of Staedtler™️ Fineliner pens is one of the best investments you can make.
6. I have won multiple awards recognizing my personal styling skills. My love for art, color coordination, and image management all spark my love for creating outfits, color palettes, and aesthetics.
7.  Once, a second grade student I mentor told me, "Ms. Lisa, we are both just trucks on the road to joy." I still think about what that could mean.
8. I run at least eight miles every day. No exceptions. 
9. On an unrelated note, I once ran a half-marathon on triple stress-fractured hip. (I still placed 9th divisionally.)
10. I have had two dogs: Abby (Belgian Sheepdog and Chow Chow mix) and Journey (Purebred Belgian). Neither one was well-behaved. Both of them were absolutely spoiled. I still plan to have many more.
11. My favorite flavor profiles are bitter and spicy. To give you an idea just how spicy and bitter, my favorite snacks are grapefruit wedges, dried ginger,  raw cocoa, and carrot sticks dipped in Cholula™️ hot sauce.
12.  I love data... and I am not talking about cell service. Research intrigues me. I regularly look through Mintel Reports for fun.
I'm working to remember that things are not as personal as they feel. What are you working on?
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